San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney

Chris Peng is an experienced criminal defense attorney for Bexar and surrounding counties of the Greater San Antonio area. With county and federal trial experience, our office will vigorously defend and represent our clients, to achieve the most desirable and favorable outcome.

What’s most important to me and our office is that that clients and defendants in our city are not intimidated or scared into choosing their representation. Honesty, full disclosure and extremely high focus on maintaining the best attorney-client relationship is always my focus. If given the chance, I will always give my all in defense of my clients. I am always a phone call away, and you will always have an open door at my office. I believe that treating my clients with the utmost respect and allowing them to make fully informed decisions, free from any pressure, is the best method of client representation.

Misdemeanor & Felony Representation

Bexar County / San Antonio Surrounding Area

If you are charged with a crime in Bexar County and are assigned to a county or district court here in San Antonio, our office would like to represent you as your criminal defense attorney. We have extensive experience representing clients in and dealing with every single county and district court here in Bexar County, as well as the courts in Atascosa, Wilson, Frio, Comal, Hays, Travis and surrounding counties.

Types of misdemeanor cases that our office takes readily are:

  • Theft / Larceny
  • Driving While Intoxicated – DWI Variation Cases
  • Driving Under the Influence – DUI
  • Possession of Marijuana / Paraphernalia
  • Assault / Family Violence
  • Failure to ID
  • Any misdemeanor in the State of Texas
  • Record Expungement, Orders of Nondisclosure

Types of felony cases that we accept are:

  • DWI (3rd offense or more)
  • Assault / Violent Crimes
  • Theft / Larceny
  • Drug Possession
  • Record Expungement, Orders of Nondisclosure

We understand that being charged with a crime is an extremely sensitive and personal issue. Always keep in mind that our consultations are 100% free and confidential, and that you are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty.

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